This Millionaires Surtax Calculator allows you to imagine the kinds of vital public investments the Surtax could fund. It offers $635 billion in revenue, because that’s how much the surtax is estimated to raise over 10 years. It’s up to you to choose from a menu of possible expenditures.

While a significant sum, $635 billion is not nearly enough to meet all our nation’s growing needs. That’s why the calculator lets you select additional ways to improve the lives of working families that cost more than the amount raised by the Millionaires Surtax. Those extra public expenditures could find their own funding if some of the many other progressive tax reforms now under debate are enacted.

Spend a little time reading the descriptions of the investment choices you make. Print out your choices to take them to community meetings and rallies and announce your plan to friends and family online using the social share buttons below.

What Will You Fund?

Dollar amounts in billions over 10 years

Working Family Investments Options

Strengthen the Affordable Care Act (ACA)


Aggressively tackle the opioid epidemic


Ensure families have enough to eat under SNAP


Make college affordable


Fully fund Title I aid for low-Income students


Fully fund Special Education


Fully fund Head Start


Provide affordable quality child care to families in need


Expand and improve affordable housing


Protect families from the elements


Rebuild crumbling infrastructure


Down payment on transitioning to a green energy economy


Your Working Family Investments