“Millionaires Surtax” Considered as Federal Budget Balancer

By Michael Pope Congressman Don Beyer is a Democrat from Alexandria who says millionaires should be funding a bigger piece […]

Virginia, Maryland lawmakers propose surtax on millionaires

By Dan Novak WASHINGTON (CNS) — The richest 1% of Americans control more wealth than the entire middle class combined, […]

Rep. Don Beyer on Powell testimony and the millionaire surtax

Fox Business: ‘Patriotic Millionaire’ Morris Pearl: Why I support the ‘millionaires surtax’ (Yes, that’s right)

By Morris Pearl Rich people like me are good at dodging taxes. We can lobby to stop new taxes from ever becoming […]

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By Jeff Stein The political and economic power wielded by the approximately 750 wealthiest people in America has become a […]

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By Michael Rainey Two Democratic lawmakers unveiled a plan Thursday that would raise taxes on high-income households. Sen. Chris Van […]

Sen. Van Hollen on Velshi and Ruhle about the Millionaires Surtax

Democrats float millionaires surtax in advance of 2020 election

By Laura Davison With two of the leading Democratic presidential candidates competing to promote sweeping tax hikes on the ultra-wealthy, […]

Patriotic Millionaires want the Millionaires Surtax

We need to raise trillions of dollars by making the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes so […]

Politico: Morning Tax, “Closer to green”

A proposal Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) and House Ways and Means member Don Beyer (D-Va.) are expected to unveil […]

Bloomberg: Democrats Float Millionaires Surtax in Advance of 2020 Election

By Laura Davison With two of the leading Democratic presidential candidates competing to promote sweeping tax hikes on the ultra-wealthy, […]

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By Nihal Krishan Congressional Democrats released a proposal on Thursday to generate an estimated $635 billion in federal revenue over […]

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By Ylan Mui Democrats are finding new ways to go after the wealthy. On Thursday, Sen. Chris Van Hollen of […]

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By Naomi Jagoda Rep. Don Beyer (D-Va.) and Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) on Thursday rolled out a proposal for […]

TIME: Democratic Lawmakers To Unveil ‘Millionaires Surtax’ Bill for Wealthiest American Families

By Abby Vesoulis The wealthiest 1% of Americans hold more wealth than the entire middle class, according to the nonprofit […]

OP-ED: Tax the Rich Before the Rest

Candidates should pledge that the middle class won’t pay $1 more in new taxes until billionaires put up at least […]